Monday, September 30, 2013

Time To Move On

An attorney who filed a petition for reargument in connection with "claims arising out of the bitter dissolution of [his] former law partnership" was fined $2,000 and enjoined from any futher legal action against his former firm by the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

The reargument petition was "insolent and disrespectful in tone, containing baseless allegations of bias, incompetence, and even of ethical violations on the part of the justices of this Court, and as above indicated, this is not the first time he has exhibited such deliberate disregard for the principle of civility."

The court quoted the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine: "Vigorous advocacy cannot be an excuse for unfounded accusations and childish vitriol. Counsel, the court, and the profession deserve better."

Details concerning the underlying dispute may be found in the July 2, 2013 opinion of the court. (Mike Frisch)

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