Monday, September 30, 2013

In And Out

The Maryland Court of Appeals has ordered a 30-day suspension of an attorney who lost control of himself in a court proceeding.

The court sanctioned him for

...willfully engaging in offending behavior both within the courtroom, consisting of disrupting proceedings by making multiple attempts to speak to his client during final argument, refusing to keep still or lower his voice, and remaining standing after being advised to be seated, as well as outside the courtroom, in the actual presence of members of the public, consisting of becoming increasingly angry and upset, refusing to heed instructions to remain calm, attemting to reenter the courtroom, engaing in a "door handle tugging match with the arresting officer," and using loud, inappropriate, and profane language in the hallway...

 The conduct took place during and after a hearing on a final protection order. The attorney called one of the officers involved a "Nazi."

The court noted rejected a reprimand, as the attorney had been reprimanded in the past. (Mike Frisch)

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