Sunday, September 15, 2013

Indiana Judge Accused Of Multiple Violations

The Indiana Law Blog has noted a complaint filed against a judge of Marion County who was elected to office in 2009.

The 53-page complaint filed by the Commission on Judicial Qualifications alleges that the judge delayed proceedings in multiple matters, to some extent caused by a policy of keeping files in chambers that made them hard to locate.

The judge allegedly created an enviroment of delay and dereliction of duties.

The judge allegedly expressed hostile feelings directed toward a revolving door of employees. The complaint states that the judge would choose "favorite" employee as a confidante who stayed in that favored position only so long as the employee maintained an attitude of sycophantic subservience.

Then, the favorite was in the same allegedly unpleasant boat as everyone else.

Further, the judge is alleged to created a hostile courtroom environment for attorneys, particularly some public defenders, who the judge allegedly "hated" and thought were "stupid."

Most seriously, the judge allegedly delayed the release on nine criminal defendants through administrative lapses. (Mike Frisch)

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