Friday, September 6, 2013

Suspension, Probation For Invasions Of Privacy

An attorney who pleaded guilty to charges of Invasion of Privacy was suspended for six months, followed by three years probation, by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The Disciplinary Board called the case one of first impression.

The incident that led to criminal charges against the attorney took place in the Acme Market:

Respondent, who is six feet six inches tall and wears size 15 shoes, attached a video camera to his shoe, entered the Acme Market, and attempted to and did videotape up the skirts of two females, without their knowledge and consent.

He closely followed a sixteen year old and stood behind her when she bent over to pick up some milk. She noticed him extending his foot toward her.

The victim saw the camera and went to find her mother. The encounter was reported to the store manager.

When the victim and her mother resumed shopping, the attorney reappeared behind the girl. When she sought help, he tried to leave the store but was detained until police arrived.

He had done the same thing with an adult woman in the market earlier that day. She had reported the incident to the police.

Police searched the memory card of the camera taken from the attorney. The search revealed other victims and videotapes of women at his apartment pool.

The attorney had been employed at law firms and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office before working as an in-house corporate counsel.

The board found that the conduct was an aberration, that the attorney was remorseful, had sought and responded to treatment and that such behavior likely will not reoccur. (Mike Frisch)

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