Sunday, September 22, 2013

Late Writer Not Dishonest, May Sit For Future Bar Exam

A bar applicant who had allegedly cheated by typing and saving answers after time was called on the February 2012 exam (which he nonetheless failed) has been granted permission to sit for a future exam by the Louisiana Supreme Court.

The application was opposed by the Committee on Bar Admissions.

The court found that the appointed commissioner's findings were not clearly erroneous:

The commissioner found credible petitioner's explanation that he was not attempting to gain an undue advantage over other examinees by his actions and concluded that petitioner had merely engaged in an ill-conceived effort to "preserve" his mulitiple choice responses on his USB key in the event he could persuade the Committee to grade them.

Test takers must save their save answers on a data storage device called a USB key and turn the device over to the examiners to be printed and graded.

The problem here involved the petitioner's Civil Code I portion of the exam. (Mike Frisch)

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