Friday, August 16, 2013

Tar Heel Misconduct

More from the North Carolina State Bar web page:

Jeffrey G. Marscocci of Raleigh was reprimanded by the Grievance Committee. Marscocci's website contained numerous misleading statements.  The website also represented that Marscocci specializes in financial planning.  Financial planning is not recognized by the State Bar as a practice specialty. 


Steven DeCillis of Oxford did all of the following simultaneously: sued L.H. in a personal injury case, represented L.H. in three matters that were unrelated to the personal injury case, and engaged in a sexual relationship with L.H.  The DHC suspended him for five years. After serving three years, DeCillis will be eligible to apply for a stay of the remaining two years upon compliance with numerous conditions.

To summarize: The attorney represented a client while suing and having sex with her. (Mike Frisch)

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