Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maryland Tougher Than D.C.

The Maryland Court of Appeals has increased from 60 days to six months the discipline imposed for dishonest conduct as reciprocal discipline based on the sanction imposed by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

The attorney was an associate at Pillsbury Shaw Pittman LLP.

For some period of time, he had mis-identified himself as "senior counsel" in a biography and did not immediately correct the inaccurate statement when it was brought to his attention.

He also (1) used the firm's equipment to concoct a false employment certification for a friend;  (2) used the firm's word processing staff to create a false resume for himself; (3) charged personal expenses to the firm; and (4) violated the firm's "outside work" policy.

The D.C. sanction was an agreed disposition of the charges.

I am always distressed when opinions like this make it obvious that D.C. is simply more tolerant of dishonest conduct than our neighbor to the North. (Mike Frisch)

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