Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Insulting Invective," Other Violations, Draw Censure

A former Assistant City Attorney for Sioux Falls was publicly censured by the South Dakota Supreme Court.

There were findings of misconduct in two matters.

One involved litigation misconduct that included misrepresentations and destruction of evidence. The court found that his self-described "word-smithing" amounted to misrespresentations.

The other matter involved charges brought against his daughter of a seat belt violation and speeding in a school zone. The attorney's office was recused fom the case.

He nonetheless provided assistance to his daughter's trial counsel and represented her on appeal.

This conduct not only violated conflict of interest rules but his appellate brief "inserted disrespectful and insulting invective directed at the magistrate judge and prosecutor."

There are several concurring opinions. (Mike Frisch)

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