Friday, August 23, 2013

Disbarred For Stealing From Mother-In-Law

Disbarment was imposed on a Colorado attorney who stole over half a million dollars from his mothr-in-law.

The Daily Camera had the story of his February 2013 criminal sentencing:

[Attorney] Byrne had been married to Short's only daughter, who died at the age of 30, before he re-married. Short had a career with the University of Colorado as a choreographer and dance professor before she moved into the Frasier Meadows retirement community in 2000.

Authorities became aware of the fraud case after Frasier Meadows reported that the woman's bills were going unpaid and she owed more than $40,000.

In 2011, a law enforcement team and civil attorneys discovered that Byrne had stolen more than $578,000 from the woman. He also was living in her home rent-free.

Byrne drained Short's liquid assets to support himself and his family, spending money on trips to Mexico and hotels. He also invested heavily in "WealthMasters," a Ponzi scheme, according to court documents.

The summary from the presiding judge's web page notes that the victim suffered from dementia at the time of the misconduct. (Mike Frisch)

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If you can't steal from you Mother-In-Law, who can you steal from. Obviously kidding.

Posted by: Rick Underwood | Aug 28, 2013 8:57:17 AM

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