Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Meaning Of Obscene

An Illinois attorney charged with ethics violations arising from a series of criminal matters has filed an answer to the complaint.

One of the incidents involves an encounter with his neighbors over the volume of music, which we reported here.

The answer in part:

Respondent denies that he verbally harassed or threatened anyone. Respondent admits that he probably called [one neighbor], and not [the other], a "fucking idiot" and "dumb bitch" after the former confronted him by pysically walking to his patio area to confront him about his complaints about the music. Respondent does not admit or deny making obscene gestures because he does not know what obscene gestures are referred to in the complaint, and does not know what the word "obscene" means as alleged in the Complaint. Respondent denies that he made shooting gestures in the direction of the children. Respondent admits that he stated to those involved that he was an attorney, but states affirmatively that he did so only in an attempt to portray that they should honor his requests to turn down the music.

The attorney also is charged with failing to report a conviction. He admits that violation, but states that he thought the duty to report only applied to felonies. (Mike Frisch)

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