Monday, July 8, 2013

Another IRS Scandal

The Maryland Court of Appeals has disbarred an attorney for his handling of a civil matter and misconduct after agreeing to a 30 day suspension of his Maryland license in January 2008.

After filing suit on behalf of the client, the attorney accepted a position with the IRS, which prohibited outside clients without agency permission. He concealed from the client that he was no longer able to handle her case because of the IRS policy.

He compounded the problem by consenting to the suspension of his Maryland license. He remained counsel of record in the civil matter while suspended.

He further compounded his problems by making false representations to Bar Counsel and in a petition for reinstatement from the suspension by failing to disclose his unauthorized practice in the civil case.

The court found that the attorney "was motivated by dishonesty and selfishness" and failed to appreciate the misconduct. He did not return any portion of the advanced fees. (Mike Frisch)

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