Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"The TMZ Of Blogs"

There is a really nice post about this blog from Lawyers Mutual's A Byte of Prevention.

In part:

It is an accepted fact of legal journalism that the most popular sections of a law publication are the obituaries and disciplinary actions.

Death and disbarments. That’s what sells. We can’t wait to find out who’s dead and who’s in trouble.

Which is why the Legal Profession Blog holds such fascination.

Think of it as the TMZ of blawgs.

The editors are all law professors with an obsessive interest in lawyer ethics, licensing and discipline. Their site compiles cases of lawyer misconduct and malpractice from all 50 states.

I’ve never met any of these law profs but I’ll bet they’re a blast at happy hour. Imagine the stories!

...The authors of the Legal Profession Blog use a breezy, police-blotter style to report legal misdeeds and malfeasance. But I don’t think they’re making light of attorney misconduct or trying to ridicule the defendants.

They’re ethics experts, after all. What they’re doing is giving us vivid, real-life examples – sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant – of how a momentary lapse of reason can lead to permanent problems.

About that beer --give me a call! (Mike Frisch)

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