Friday, June 28, 2013

Problem Drinking

The Illinois Administrator has filed a complaint alleging ethical violations in a series of incidents that led to criminal charges.

Here's one:

On November 29, 2011, Respondent consumed some beer and at least 6 alcoholic beverages at Salerno's restaurant and McNally's Pub before proceeding to the Filling Station Pub and Grill, hereinafter the "Pub," located in St. Charles, Illinois.

Respondent, with Jason Nord and Matthew Dickens, ordered and received alcoholic beverages at the Pub. After received his alcoholic beverage, Respondent sat at the bar and vomited into the glass containing the beverage. Respondent left his seat at the bar and after removing his outer clothing, returned to his seat at the bar.

As Respondent was about to leave the Pub, Mr. Nord had a physical fight with the bartender, Brett Willing. Respondent intervened in the fight by punching Mr. Willing about the body and placing him in a chokehold. Respondent, Mr. Nord and Mr. Willing continued fighting for a short time until Respondent extricated himself. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Nord and Mr. Willing stopped fighting and separated. As Mr. Willing was lying on the floor of the Pub, Respondent approached Mr. Willing and kicked twice at the bartender's head and chest area. Mr. Willing sustained injury to his head and body.

Respondent and Mr. Nord left the Pub and went to the nearby Magoo's Bar, in St. Charles, Illinois. Police arrived, entered Magoo's bar and arrested Mr. Nord for the aggravated battery of Mr. Willing but were unable to locate Respondent as he had fled via the back door.

This incident resulted in a battery conviction.

A second incident invovled DUI and possession of cannabis paraphenalia. He pleaded guilty to those charges.

And this:'

On May 21, 2006 Respondent was at the Park Chalet restaurant, hereinafter "Chalet", located in San Francisco, California. Respondent began shouting at a band which played music at the location. When Chalet employees asked Respondent to stop shouting at the band and leave the premise, Respondent began using profanity and threatened the employees.

Respondent refused to leave the Chalet grounds. Curtis Hefley, a bartender at Chalet, escorted Respondent from the Chalet premise. Respondent threatened to have Mr. Hefley killed and when Mr. Hefley turned to walk away, Respondent tackled Mr. Hefley to the ground. Mr. Hefley sustained injuries to his forehead, head and ribs. Respondent placed Mr. Hefley in a headlock and began punching Mr. Hefley.

Chalet employees, including DeeAnn Chesebro, pulled Respondent from Mr. Hefley. Respondent continued fighting and struck Ms. Chesebro in the head with his fist. The employees were able to separate Respondent and Mr. Hefley. Respondent fled the Chalet premise. Mr. Hefley was in fear of Respondent's threat.

San Francisco police officers arrived at the Chalet but were unable to locate Respondent. The officers left the Chalet grounds but returned shortly thereafter as Respondent returned to the premise. The officers found Respondent who smelled of alcohol and had an unsteady gait. Respondent resisted as Officers attempted to arrest and handcuff Respondent.

Respondent was arrested and placed into a police vehicle for transport. During the transport, Respondent continued to yell and threaten the officers saying "You two Asian female cops are gonna get it, you fucked with the wrong person!"

Upon arrival at the police station, Respondent began cursing and refused to exit the patrol vehicle. As the officer attempted to remove Respondent from the vehicle, Respondent charged the officer. Respondent fell to the ground and began kicking at the officer. Officers eventually escorted Respondent to the police station holding cell.

The criminal complaints in the San Francisco matter were later withdrawn.(Mike Frisch)

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