Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Antithesis

Pennsylvania is one jurisdiction that treats practice while on administrative suspension as a serious disciplinary offense.

 Neglecting the cases undertaken while suspended makes a bad situation worse.

Ignoring the inevitable ensuing bar case is a sure recipe for disbarment, as an attorney has learned.

From the report of the Disciplinary Board to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court:

Respondent's conduct deserves disbarment. He engaged in a course of deceptive conduct with respect to his clients, prospective clients, and Petitioner. He defied a Supreme Court Order by continuing his legal practice in exactly the same way as before his administrative suspension. He never removed his name from signage and letterhead, thus leading unsuspecting clients to believe he was eligible to practice law. Respondent gained new clients and accepted retainers all the while knowing he was not permitted to do so. He then allowed the clients to languish, but still felt free to keep the unearned fees, thereby misappropriating the funds. Respondent showed no acceptance of responsibility or remorse. His actions embody the antithesis of what the public expects and deserves from an ethical lawyer.

(Mike Frisch)

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