Friday, June 7, 2013

Not With My Wife

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals rejected a challenge to the imposition of reciprocal discipline of a two year suspension with fitness based on a like sanction imposed in Louisiana.

The court found that the attorney had failed to establish a basis for a departure from the discipline imposed

One claim raised was that the Louisiana hearing committee chair

...was biased against him because of an "undisclosed relationship" with [the attorney's] wife. The chairman, he says, "was making a play on Respondent's wife at the time the charges were filed," though apparently these advances were "unrequited" by his wife.

The court agreed with Bar Counsel that this claim should have been raised in the original proceeding and was waived. (Mike Frisch)

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Does anyone besides me think that "waiver" was an odd response to such a claim. It may have been bogus, but it seems to me that someone should have looked into it, if only to declare that there was no factual merit in it.

Posted by: Rick Underwood | Jun 10, 2013 8:47:38 AM

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