Sunday, May 12, 2013

Paralegal Supervisor Scheme Gets Parish Attorney Suspended

The Louisiana Supreme Court has approved a three-year suspension by consent in a case involving a former Jefferson Parish Attorney who pled to misprison of felony in connected with a scheme to allow the Parish President's ex-wife to be paid as a "paralegal supervisor."

From the FBI report on the employee's plea:

According to the factual basis, from approximately 2003 through her dismissal in 2010, PARKER was paid a salary as a paralegal supervisor, even though she was not qualified, trained, or certified as a paralegal supervisor. Indeed, according to court records, PARKER did no work as a paralegal supervisor and, in fact, the little work she did perform was not paralegal work at all. According to court records, [president] BROUSSARD and [attorney] WILKINSON were aware that PARKER did no work as a paralegal supervisor. PARKER’s salary and her raises were approved and known by WILKINSON who, in turn, was retained by BROUSSARD as the Jefferson Parish Attorney. BROUSSARD also approved of substantial pay raises, from 2004 through 2009, for WILKINSON, the Parish Attorney. According to the factual basis, PARKER committed a misprision of a felony by stealing or committing theft from Jefferson Parish by continuing to accept her salary (because she did not perform any paralegal work) and not reporting such crime to the authorities.

This report from the Times-Picayune. The news report is followed by a number of comments that are quite critical of the disposition. (Mike Frisch)

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