Thursday, May 16, 2013

Judicial Candidate Sanctioned For False Statements

A judicial candidate has been publicly reprimanded and barred from judicial office for five years by the Indiana Supreme Court.

The candidate ran for a circuit court judgeship against an incumbent. The judge had modified the sentence of a convicted felon.

In a newspaper article, the candidate was quoted falsely claiming that the judge and the felon were "boyhood friends." A press release from her campaign suggested that the judge's "work was paid for by the taxpayers, so it wasn't free for anyone but a convicted murderer [the released felon]."

After his release, the felon committed crimes in Ohio. The candidate claimed he would have been in prison but for the actions of the judge. She refused to correct the suggestion after the Commission on Judicial Qualifications "advised her that it appeared she was incorrect" in that suggestion.

The court approved the settlement agreement submitted by the candidate and the commission. (Mike Frisch)

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