Tuesday, May 21, 2013

General Denial

Last week, we posted charges filed by the Illinois Administrator arising out of an attorney's double murder conviction.

The attorney's handwritten from prison answer has now been posted. He denies a sexual relationship with the adult victim, denies that the infant victim's last name was Curry, and denies his guilt of the crimes:

...not one person testified to being an eyewitness to the murder; no blood evidence connected respondent to the murders; no DNA was presented that established that respondent murdered anyone, no finger print evisdence linked Respondent to the crimes, Respondent exercised his right to remain silent when questioned by the police; no ballistic evidence was presented that connected respondent to the murders; no murder weapon was recovered in this case; no testimony was presented at trial that any neighbor of [the adult victim] identified Respondent or his vehicle being at the crime scene on January 29, 2009, there was no video surveillance presented at trial that positively placed Respondent or his vehicle at the crime scene on the day of the murders. 

He demands strict proof that there is a judgment of conviction. (Mike Frisch)


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