Monday, May 6, 2013

Devastating Losses

A Louisiana Hearing Committee has recommended disbarment of an attorney who engaged in numerous acts of misconduct.

Among the many lapses was a comviction in federal court for aggravated identity theft from eleven clients or former employees. The attorney used financial information to fraudulently obtain credit cards in the name of a deceased client.

The committee cited several mitigating factors that persuaded them not to propose permanent disbarment.

One factor was that, three years after bar admission in 1995 and as a solo practicioner, the attorney "tried her first jury trial and won a large verdict of just over a million dollars in an age discrimination case...The verdict was appealed to the third circuit and confirmed. The case went up to the Supreme Court and was dismissed. Respondent was devastated by the result."

The attorney also gambled and used cocaine to deal with an extremely stressful family situation. (Mike Frisch)

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