Monday, May 13, 2013

Accusations Against Judges Draws Lengthy Suspension Recommendation

An Illinois Hearing Board has recommended a suspension of three years and until further order in a case involving an attorneys accusations against several judges.

In one matter, the attorney filed an affidavit to disqualify the judge in a personal injury case that called the judge a "sophisticated scam artist" who did the bidding of the insurance attorney, was "unfair and biased...blinded by prejudice" and had an "unwritten relationship" with the defense attorney.

In another case, he accused a judge of corruption and included this contention:

A system that allows [the judge] an Irish American to disposes [sic] [the client] an African American...just as Dred Scott was dispossessed in 1857 is fundamentally flawed and is provocative.  The system gives a person from Ireland because of race the power and authority to dispossess a person from Ghana, Africa in a courtroom in the United States.

Other accusations were made concerning judges of the Court of Appeals.

And this regarding his conduct at the disciplinary hearing:

Throughout the hearing Respondent appeared visibly frustrated. He was repeatedly unable or unwilling to answer direct questions posed by both counsel for the Administrator and the panel members. Respondent also was unprepared for the hearing as he had not exchanged his exhibits with counsel for the Administrator prior to the hearing as ordered to and did not come to the hearing with copies of his exhibits. Consequently, he had to continually disrupt the hearing to have copies made of documents he intended to offer as exhibits. He also was admonished for continually checking his cellular phone during the hearing.

His defense was that his various allegations were true. (Mike Frisch)

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