Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reprimand For False Signature

The Indiana Supreme Court imposed a public reprimand of an attorney who signed the name of a client who was an estate co-representative to a document. 

The attorney admitted to the clients that he had signed the document and withdrew from the case.

Chief Justice Dickson dissented:

Much of our legal system is predicated on the authenticity and reliability of signatures. For a lawyer to affix a false signature is a deception that gravely undermines public trust, respect, and confidence in the legal profession. Such inexcusable misconduct is not justified or excused by considerations of client convenience, expediency, or lack of personal gain. Affixing a false signature is manifestly dishonest and an absolute ethical transgression. For this offense, I favor a substantial period of suspension.

Justice Rush concurred in the dissent. (Mike Frisch)

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