Monday, April 15, 2013

Deposition Misconduct Alleged In North Carolina

The North Carolina State Bar has filed a complaint alleging that an attorney engaged in deposition misconduct by "repeatedly interrupt[ing] the questioning, answer[ing] the questions [opposing counsel] posed, caution[ing] his client about how to answer the questions posed by [opposing counsel], and ask[ing] questions of his client."

He also is charged with insulting opposing counsel both during and after the deposition. After the deposition ended, he allegedly made "rude and inappropriate remarks to [opposing counsel] which included sexual innuendo and commernting that she needed a boyfriend."

He further is alleged to have falsely denied that he sponsored a website that vilified the deponent.

The attorney is charged with similar deposition misconduct and false representations in another matter.

Finally, in a murder trial, it is alleged that the attorney "spoke disrespectfully to the judge at a bench conference" and "grimaced" at the judge before the jury. He was adjudicated in contempt. (Mike Frisch)

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