Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stay Away From Whiskey Row

An Arizona attorney consented to a two-year suspension and probation in a matter involving a felony conviction for aggravated assault with a firearm and disorderly conduct.

The attorney was a deputy county public defender.

He was in Scotty's Bar on Whiskey Row in Prescott. The bar bouncer said that he became belligerent at closing time. He was escorted outside and things got pushy.

The bouncer left the bar a few minutes later and stopped at an alley next to the Drunken Lass, where he saw the attorney. The attorney pointed a handgun at the bouncer, who called the cops.

 The police found the attorney walking down the road under the influence and with a loaded .38.

The attorney pleaded guilty to felony charges and entered an alcohol treatment program. He has been suspended for the conviction. (MIke Frisch)


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