Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sanction : Get Rid Of The Crown Victoria

The Arizona Presiding Judge has approved a reprimand of a former DEA agent who was convicted of impersonating a police officer.

The attorney was seen driving a vehicle commonly used by law enforcement ( a Crown Victoria) and using his headlights to "wig-wag" as police often do.

According to the agreement for consent discipline:

Respondent is a former DEA Special Agent who, as a private citizen, has maintained his empathy for and interest in law enforcement and his desire to support other law enforcement personnel. As a result, he has tried to stay prepared at all times to assist in the event of a need for citizen support of the police. On the night of his arrest, Respondent did not stop any civilian vehicles or engage in other acts demonstrating a clear desire and intent to deceive the public to think he was a police officer. The parties contend that his affinity with law enforcement, as a former DEA Special Agent, got the better of him and he engaged in a brief and isolated act relating to the "wig-wag" lights...

...in order to avoid any future allegations relating to his affinity with the police, he sold the Crown Victoria and no longer drives a vehicle that could be confused with a police vehicle. Nor does [he] travel with badges, handcuffs, batons or any other material commonly associated with the police.

Why was this case criminally prosecuted?

It was and the conviction was affirmed by the Court of Appeals and the Arizona Supreme Court. (Mike Frisch)


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