Friday, March 1, 2013

Come On Down

An attorney who retired from New Jersey practice in 2004 violated unauthorized practice rules by providing legal services post-retirement with an entity called "I've Got You Covered - Associates On The Go! . " 

When the disciplinary authorities contacted her, she paid her required dues and was reinstated to active practice.

But the matter did not end there.

Disciplinary authorities advised her that she also was required to appear for an interview.

There were a series of telephone calls with a bar investigator. The attorney questioned the need for an in-person interview, saying that the bar was "making a mountain out of a molehill."

When pressed in the final call, she responded with an "expletive - laden rant" and asked why the investigator was "f***ing harassing" her.

The Disciplinary Review Board found that the attorney had failed to cooperate with the disciplinary investigation, noting that the interview was an important component of the process.

The DRB proposed, and the Supreme Court impose, a reprimand. (Mike Frisch)

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