Friday, February 8, 2013

Staggered Suspensions For Law Partners

The Iowa Supreme Court has imposed 60 day suspensions of both partners of a two-person law firm for misconduct in connection with a sheriff's sale of real property.

The court followed the recommendation of the Attorney Disciplinary Board to stagger the suspensions "to minimize the disruption in the operation of their law firm." the board had also proposed 30 day suspensions.

The court found a conflict of interest in the representation of the buyer and seller, as well as a personal profit motive on the part of both attorneys.

[The attorneys] engaged in a course of conduct that violated multiple rules of professional conduct in an attempt to gain a personal profit. Their testimony that they did not actually accrue personal profit does not erase their intention of profiting. Additionally, the fact that they lost money on the transaction has resulted in financial harm to both Elite and Broadmoor, the two entities they represented.

The attorneys will be automatically reinstated if all costs are paid. (Mike Frisch)

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