Thursday, February 21, 2013

Making A Bad Situation Worse

A recent complaint filed by the North Carolina State Bar alleges that the attorney engaged in sexual relations with a married client for several months in 2009. The accused attorney also was married.

The client's husband learned of the relationship and sued him for alienation of affection.

The attorney and his spouse filed a complaint against the husband. The attorney made statements that accused the (now former) client and her husband of falsely claiming the existence of a sexual relationship and creating false evidence.

The complaint alleges that the attorney's denials were false, that he made disclosures that violated the duty of confidentiality, that he prepared a false affidavit for the client to sign and that he threatened her.

Further, it is alleged that he tried to get his legal assistant to not reveal the relationship.

Her reply: "[S]he would not put her hand on the Bible and lie for anyone."

Finally, it is alleged that the attorney pleaded guilty to related criminal misdemeanor charges of communicating threats and obstruction of justice.

The Observer News Enterprise had this report on the criminal charges. (Mike Frisch)

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