Monday, February 4, 2013

Disbarment Proposed For Attorney Who Challenged Specialization Rule

An Illinois Hearing Board has recommended the disbarment of an attorney convicted of bankruptcy fraud and child pornography:

The misconduct of the Respondent involved moral turpitude and was most egregious and disgusting. He knowingly engaged in fraud during his own bankruptcy proceeding and knowingly possessed child pornography. The child pornography consisted of sexually explicit photographs of the Respondent's then 16-year old sister-in-law. The Respondent took those photographs in 1974 and retained them until they were seized by law enforcement officials in 2006. Moreover, the Respondent threatened to deliver the child pornography to the parents of his ex-wife and former sister-in-law unless his ex-wife abandoned her challenge, as a named creditor, in his bankruptcy case and agreed to a new financial settlement to benefit Respondent in their Illinois dissolution of marriage case.

The attorney once prevailed in the United States Supreme Court when charged with violation of Rule 7.4 (communication of fields of practice and specialization).

The Rule was amended after the court's decision. (Mike Frisch)

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