Monday, February 4, 2013

Unprofessional Courtesy

A judge who interceded and dismissed a traffic ticket issued to the daughter of another judge has been found to engaged in ethical misconduct by an Illinois Hearing Board. The judge dismissed the case by falsely representing the position of the prosecutor.

The board recommends a six-month suspension.

The board summarized its conclusions:

...we conclude that a suspension is appropriate in this matter. To paraphrase what the Review Board said in the Hays case, quoted above, this is a sad episode in a long and respectable career, but it is elementary that a judge cannot knowingly dismiss a case by making false representations in a court order. We believe that a suspension of six months is adequate for the public to have confidence that dishonesty by a judge will not be tolerated, and to serve as a deterrent. We also believe that a suspension of less than six months would not serve to preserve public confidence in the courts or the legal profession, nor would it sufficiently impress upon others the seriousness of the misconduct in this case.

Illinois reported that the judge took early retirement because of the incident. (Mike Frisch)

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