Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prosecutor Sanctioned For Drug Fund "Donations" Practice

A former city prosecutor has been publicly reprimanded by the South Carolina Supreme Court.

The misconduct involved a practice of dismissing "certain types of drug cases" for a promise that the defendant make payment to a city "drug fund."

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court had issued an order in 2003 prohibiting the practice. The prosecutor determined that the order did not apply to the "donations" at issue. He also ignored concerns expressed by the solicitor about the practice in 2011.

The prosecutor was arrested and charged with misconduct in office. He was placed on interim suspension and pled guilty to a criminal charge.

He admitted here that he had a practice of dismissing charges in exchange for "donations" was an unauthorized diversion program and that he had ignored the Chief Judge's order and concerns of the solicitor.  

The court lifted the interim suspension. (Mike Frisch)

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