Thursday, December 6, 2012

More On Ohio Bar Admission

We have reported a number of recent bar admissions decisions of the Ohio Supreme Court. The court issued two opinions on the subject yesterday.

The court denied the application to sit for the bar examination of an applicant who had engaged in a scheme to defraud her landlord in order to avoid lease obligations. The applicant also displayed a lack of candor in the admissions process. The court rejected a recommendation to forever bar the applicant's admission and will permit her to reapply in July 2014.

Another application presented a most unusual factual situation. The applicant failed the bar examination  and gave "unresponsive" answers to the exam questions, leading to questi an inquiry into her mental fitness to practice.

She gave "rambling" testimony at the ensuing hearing and stated that a legal career was not a good choice for her. She also testified that she was greatly displeased with the direction of the country (particulary the Kelo decision) and that she had tried to communicate with God and Jesus during the exam. She testified that the Lord forbade her to practice law.

The court will permit reapplication in 2014. (Mike Frisch)

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