Monday, December 24, 2012

Worst To First

Readers of this blog may recall that I recently severely criticized a District of Columbia hearing committee for absolving four attorneys on charges of elder abuse by failing to deal with the evidence and attacking the complainant and Bar Counsel rather than resolving the case.

With typical understatement, I called the report the worst in D.C. bar history.

Bar Counsel has appealed the case to the Board on Professional Responsibility. Hopefully, justice will eventually prevail.

Well, I have just read another hearing committee report that is the exact opposite -- a thoroughly professional, 201 page analysis of the charges in two matters with a well-reasoned and appropriate recommendation of disbarment.

The main charges involve the attorney's representation of a plaintiff in a sex harassment case.

When the client became concerned about the attorney's behavior (in particular, his disrespect for a Superior Court judge), she discharged him.

He retaliated with a  campaign to destroy her with court process that must be read to be believed. He instituted frivolous litigation, breached confidentiality, made false statements and created false evidence. As the client testified, the attorney 's conduct turned her life upside down.

The hearing committee's report may be found at this link by inserting the attorney's name --Ellis S. Frison.

Comment from Stephen Williams:

The Court of Appeals is exclusively charged with regulating the practice of law in the District of Columbia. Short of Congress removing this authority from the Court, the Court is the only entity that is able to fix this problem. And yet, you repeatedly refuse to lay these shortcomings at the feet of the Court which is where it really belongs.


UPDATE: I respectfully disagree with the above comment. My article No Stone Left Unturned is premised on the proposition that the D.C. Court of appeals made a fundamental error in creating and deferring to a board dominated by volunteer lawyers.

When the court issues an opinion that I disagree with, I say so --here's an example. (Mike Frisch)

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