Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On The Way To Oxnard

An attorney who defaulted on an array of bar disciplinary charges has been disbarred by the Arizona Presiding Disciplinary Judge.

The order noted that the attorney had abandoned his practice after a December 2011 arrest.

The arrest was described by the Desert Independent:

During questioning Wade was uncooperative and kept reaching for the area of the front passenger’s seat. In the meantime other Blythe Police officers arrived to assist and Wade was ordered out of his car, but kept reaching for the passenger’s seat. As a precaution for officer safety the officers drew their firearms and ordered Wade out of his car. Still, Wade refused to cooperate and was assisted out of the car by the officers.

After Wade was secured, his car was searched. A loaded 45 Caliber handgun with a round in the chamber was found under the passenger’s seat.

Wade was later booked into the Blythe jail for driving while intoxicated, possession of a loaded firearm and for resisting arrest. Blythe Police were later contacted by jail staff and information was relayed that Wade told them that he was on his way to Oxnard to allegedly harm his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

Blythe Police contacted Wade’s former girlfriend and her boyfriend and relayed the information. The former girlfriend and boyfriend, in turn, told relayed to Blythe Police that they had allegedly received a text message from Wade this morning telling them that he was on his way to Oxnard and that he was going to shoot them. Oxnard Police Department was contacted and informed of what was said by Wade.

The discipline imposed here did not involve the criminal charges, which are pending. (Mike Frisch)


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