Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Collision Course

From the Ohio Supreme Court web page:

The Supreme Court of Ohio has indefinitely suspended  the  law license of Galloway attorney Mark  J. Squeo for giving false and misleading information to the driver of a car  involved in a collision with a car in which Squeo was a passenger, and for continuing  to practice law while his license was under administrative suspension for  failing to complete required continuing legal education coursework and failing  to comply with state attorney registration requirements. 

In a 7-0 per  curiam opinion announced today, the court adopted findings by the Board of Commissioners  on Grievances & Discipline that Squeo falsely held himself out as a  licensed attorney, and engaged in conduct involving fraud, deceit, dishonesty  or misrepresentation and conduct that reflects adversely on his fitness to  practice law when he gave false information to the other driver at the  scene of a 2009 traffic accident.

The court  also adopted findings by the disciplinary board that despite the continuous  suspension of his law license since 2003,   Squeo engaged in the unlicensed practice of law by identifying himself  as a licensed attorney and filing documents with the Franklin County Recorder  on behalf of two different clients in 2004.

The court  also found that by failing to respond to repeated requests for information from  the Columbus Bar Association, and failing to appear for a scheduled deposition  or for a hearing on the misconduct charges brought against him, Squeo violated  the professional conduct rules that require attorneys to provide information  requested by disciplinary authorities and otherwise cooperate with  investigations of alleged attorney misconduct.

Under the terms of the suspension imposed today,  Squeo will be ineligible to apply for readmission as an attorney until at least  October 2014.

The driver was the attorney's son.

The opinion is linked here. (Mike Frisch)

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