Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Character Letter Helps

The Ohio Supreme Court found that an attorney had violated his trust account responsibilities but that mitigating factors warranted a stayed suspension of one year.

The court cited the attorney's 30 years of discipline-free practice, prompt restitution, full cooperation and good character and reutation in his communbity. There were no overdrafts or other harm to clients.

The court noted that the attorney's practice was limited due to his full time employment as a township administrator.

Further, the president of his largest client "submitted a letter praising [his] character and integrity over the course of their 20-year working relationship and stated that his company intends to continue that relationship despite [his] violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct."

The attorney has corrected his practices "to ensure that he does not repeat his past mistakes." He also watached a webcast that explained proper trust account procedures. (Mike Frisch)

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