Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lawyer At First Sight

An Arizona disciplinary panel has recommended that a petition for reinstatement be denied.

The attorney had accepted a six-month suspension in 2007 and was required to petition for reinstatement due to the time lapse.

The panel found that his application was "incomplete" and that he had intentionally omitted multiple unfavorable documents from the application.

Also, the panel rejected a doctor's evidence in support of reinstatement.

 For example:

[The doctor] also stated that [petitioner's] four divorces only reflect poor judgment skills regarding women, but not the practice of law, but never explained why such recurrent theme might not become a stressor again. The discounting of a stressing factor previously identified by the doctor, but now declared a nonfactor, was puzzling and simply not credible.

 The doctor has the wonderful name of Jack Potts. Perhaps the good doctor should set up a Nevada practice.

The particular stress that led to the suspension was the result of the attorney's July 2005 marriage to "a woman he met on a dating website that he had known for only 9 days." He testified that the marriage reflected his poor judgment.

The attorney came to believe that his new wife had "sought him out because she needed legal assistance with child custody suits pertaining to her four children" and later learned that she was an exotic dancer.

He and his wife obtained restraining orders against each other and the attorney "was arrested three times in a period of three or four months, once for violating a restraining order and twice for false charges of domestic violence." (Mike Frisch) 


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