Saturday, October 6, 2012

Former Prosecutor Accepted Fees In Cocaine

A Colorado attorney was suspended for a year and a day as a result of a drug possession conviction.

According to the summary on the web page of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge, the attorney accepted cocaine as payment for legal services in several matters.

According to the Denver Westword blogs, the attorney had been a prosecutor in El Paso who was caught  in a cocaine bust:

The slogan featured prominently on attorney Nicholas Athanasiou's website reads, "When Everything Seems Against You, Call Us!" Well, Athanasiou may want to give himself a ring about now. He's among eighty individuals accused of being part of a huge cocaine ring -- one shuttered in what authorities are calling the largest drug take-down in Colorado history thanks to raids on 97 homes.

In an unrelated matter, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court accepted a consented-to public censure of a Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney who was observed by a police officer snorting cocaine in his car.

The attorney was suspended from his DA position without pay and later resigned. (Mike Frisch)

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