Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Piecemeal Disclosure Results In Denial Of Bar Admission

The Maryland Court of Appeals has denied an application for bar admission of an applicant who had "omitted multiple requirements on his initial application to the bar... [he[ continuously displayed a lack of candor in only addressing the gaping omitted sections upon request and supplementing requisite application material in an untimely, piecemeal fashion."

The Character Committee found that the applicant failed to complete answers to the application for admission "because he did not allow himself an adequate amount of time to complete the application before the filing deadline."

Don't let this be you. (Mike Frisch)


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"Don't let this be you" is so right, Mike. I will use this in class to illustrate the dangers of "clever" and piecemeal candor. He had DUI convictions and others that may have been OK, or at most a delay in his acceptance, had he disclosed frankly (and I would add to my students, backed it up with showing how he may have gotten help for his issues meanwhile). His "too cute" explanations and omissions were too much for this panel. He also had issues with debt, and students should once again know that bar committees care about late student debt repayment. I'd say it was not his worst aspect in this case (and again made it worse with partial disclosure that appeared evasive) but it is harrowing to student applicants that the bar cares about this as "character" as much as they do. --Alan

Posted by: Alan Childress | Aug 21, 2012 9:36:35 AM

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