Friday, July 6, 2012

Changed Man

An attorney who was suspended in September 1999 has twice applied for restoration of his Louisiana law license. He had agreed to the suspension while facing client complaints in 34 matters.

The focus of both petitions for reinstatement was the relationship between his combination of alcohol addiction and bipolar condition and his misconduct.

The first Louisiana hearing committee did not find a causal link and had recommended against reinstatement. That committee found that his misconduct was carefully planned and executed.

A second hearing committee has now disagreed and is in favor of the petitioner's return to practice. The committee relied on several medical and other witnesses that contradicted the earlier conclusion concerning the relationship between his conduct and condition.

The petitioner has been in treatment and has not consumed alcohol since 2003. There was evidence, accepted by the committee, that he is a "changed man." (Mike Frisch)

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