Monday, July 9, 2012

Ex Parte E-Mails Draw Proposed Suspension

An Illinois Hearing Board has recommended a 90 day suspension of an attorney who engaged in ex parte communications with an ostensibly neutral arbitrator (who was a law school classmate and friend) in a series of matters.

The hearing board further found that the attorney made a false statement to the Illinois Administrator.

As to sanction:

The Respondent's misconduct is serious. As proved in Count I, she knowingly and improperly exchanged with Arbitrator Teague ex parte e-mails that pertained to cases pending before Teague and in which the Respondent represented one of the parties. In their ex parte e-mails, they criticized and otherwise made other disparaging comments about the Respondent's opposing counsels, and discussed the merits of pending cases. By doing so, the Respondent acted to prejudice the administration of justice in four separate workers compensation cases. Also, as proved in Count II, the Respondent knowingly made a false statement in a letter she sent to the

This is one of series of matters involving the same arbitrator. (Mike Frisch)

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