Friday, July 27, 2012

Attorney Failed To Comply With Restitution Order

An attorney who had failed to comply with a restitution order in a disciplinary case will be suspended if he fails to pay before August 27, according to a decision issued today by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The court concluded that the violation of its earlier order was intentional:

This was not a situation where an attorney was unable to comply with an order of this court to make specified payments because of the attorney's lack of financial resources.  It was a deliberate choice by Attorney Lister to place other personal expenditures above the payments explicitly ordered by this court.  Moreover, this was not an isolated or short-term action; Attorney Lister engaged in a consistent pattern of disobeying the mandate of this court.  What should have taken just over two years to complete has dragged on for more than four years, and there still remains a sizeable balance that is owed to J.A.'s heirs.

(Mike Frisch)

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