Tuesday, June 26, 2012

D.C. Bar Discipline Proposal Now Available

The web page of the District of Columbia Bar now has this announcement with links:

The Bar’s Board of Governors has submitted two proposed changes to the D.C.
Court of Appeals Rules Governing the Bar seeking to clarify the contracting
authority obligations of the disciplinary system and to ensure accountability
for expenditures of Bar funds.

The Board’s transmittal
letter to the court and a copy of its proposed revisions to Rule XI
a new section 4(e)(10) that would clarify that the Board on Professional
Responsibility has the authority to enter into contracts when such authority has
been delegated to it by the Board of Governors and subject to the policies and
administrative procedures authorized by the Board. In addition, the Board
proposed a revision to Section 19(g) to confirm that expenses to be incurred by
the disciplinary system and paid out of funds of the Bar must comply with the
rules, policies, and administrative procedures of the Bar.

As per my post last week, it is progress that the Bar has made the letter to the Court of Appeals available for public inspection.  (Mike Frisch)


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