Saturday, June 2, 2012

Suspended In Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has imposed a suspension of two years of an attorney admitted in 2005.

The attorney had neglected eight client matters and failed to escrow unearned fee advances. In some of the matters, the attorney deceived clients and courts. The attorney moved her office without advising current clients.

The attorney had experienced health issues and a number of family crises. The Disciplinary Board found that the attorney had not demonstrated a causal connection between these issues and the misconduct.

Three board members favored a suspension of a year and a day.

In an unrelated matter, the court suspended an attorney for three years who had received a $5,000 retainer to hold against future legal services. The attorney deposited the check in a personal account that had a negative balance and proceeded to use the funds as his own. Eventually, the client sued him and obtained a (still unsatisfied) judgment against him. He also made false statements concerning his trust account compliance. (Mike Frisch)

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