Monday, June 11, 2012

Making Matters Worse

A Louisiana Hearing Committee has recommended a suspension of a year and a day, with all but six months suspended, and probation for two years, in a matter involviong a domestic abuse conviction.

The attorney went to his ex-wife's residence to pick up his minor daughter for a visitation with him. The violence took place whren he was advised that the daughter did not wish to go with him. A Louisiana State tropper was at the house but did not witness the assault.

The attorney was convicted at a three day trial.

The attorney made matters worse by attempting to influence the testimony of his ex-wife. He suggested to her that it was not in her financial interest for him to be disbarred.

He has several businesses other than his law practice, including a car dealership, liquor store, rental property, land developmwnt and livestock. (Mike Frisch)

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