Friday, May 25, 2012

False Claim That Judge Was Masturbating Draws Suspension

The Kansas Supreme Court ordered a suspension of an attorney of two years, nunc pro tunc to a March 2010 interim suspension, for a false statement made about a judge who was mediating the attorney's own divorce.

The attorney was engaged in a bitter contested divorce. She also was suffering from significant health and emotional issues, having been hospitalized six times for heart trouble and having a pacemaker installed.

She claimed that the judge/ mediator used profanity by stating that she was 'wasting his fucking time," made comments about her panties and asked who she was "boinking." The judge admitted that he had used profanity, although in the context of repeating the claims of the parties.

The false statement was that the judge appeared to be masturbating under the bench during the proceedings.

The attorney had filed a judicial complaint and a civil lawsuit that made this allegation.

The court noted that the instances of false allegations were not isolated ones and had been reported in the media.

Pitch News had this report on the judge's response to the attorney's complaint (Mike Frisch)

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