Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Beat Goes On

The New Jersey Supreme Court has imposed a three-year suspension of an attorney who had been the subject of two prior sanctions.

The Disciplinary Review Board described the prior cases:

In [the first case], respondent lied to her own brother about the reason she needed to borrow $10,000 from him because, if her brother knew the truth, he would not have loaned the money to her....Moreover, we were "troubled by [her] penchant for deceit and dishonesty."

In the second case. "other less-than-flattering aspects of respondent's character were revealed."

Here, the DRB stated:

And the beat goes on... examples of the lengths that respondent will go to get what she believes is owed to her and to avoid what she clearly owes are chilling. When considered with her refusal to cooperate with the disciplinary system so that the public may be protected from her misdeeds, it is clear that respondent will go to almost any length to take advantage of clients and the legal systerm with impunity...She has shown self-serving, dishonest, and underhanded behavior, as well as stunning disrespect for the Judiciary and the disciplinary system.

But still a sanction short of disbarment. (Mike Frisch)

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