Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ex-Spouse Not Domestic Partner

The Ohio Supreme Court has appointed a panel of five judges to review a panel report of the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline.

The panel report addresses possible campaign violations by a judicial candidate.

One count alleges that the candidate's former spouse loaned her campaign $25,000. A second count contends that the judge used her bailiff to solicit campaign contributions. A third count involves her campaign materials.

The panel report deals with the interpretation of the phrase "domestic partner." Domestic partners may make loans to campaigns for judicial office. The panel found that the judge and her ex-husband have a "close friendship" but do not live together or have a sexual relationship. Thus

...the definitions of domestic partners and the common understanding of the term can be summarized as two unmarried individuals who live together in a romantic, marital type relationship and who either choose to, or unable to, be legally married.

The panel rejected the charges involving the bailiff and requested that the matter be expedited "as the campaign is ongoing." (Mike Frisch)

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