Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Epiphany

An Arizona Hearing Panel has granted reinstatement with conditions of an attorney who had been suspended for six months.

In one of the disciplinary matters, the attorney had

disagreed with a judge's ruling, become abusive in open court, disregarded the judge's instructions, used a profanity, and then moved towards the prosecutor in what was perceived to be a threatening manner.

In the reinstatement proceeding

Applicant testified that his issues in the past arose from stupidity, arrogance, a temper, a lack of professional decorum borne in equal parts from frustration and a lack of humility and empathy regarding the process of the law. Applicant stated that he has had a personal epiphany about his issues; has shed his anger and frustration and now passed into a state of acceptance. Applicant states that he feels that he is a different person today because he better understands himself and understands the stressors that were keyed by frustration. His suspension caused him to do some soul searching, introspection and remediation. Applicant further stated that both he and his wife analysed the stressors experienced at home and that he has not raised his voice in over four months.

The reinstatement order is subject to probation of two years with continuation of counseling sessions. (Mike Frisch)

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