Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On Lums Pond

The Delaware Supreme Court has disbarred an attorney suspended in May 2009. Among the ethical violations found were misleading the police in connection with a traffic accident and failing to accurately report the circumstances in his reinstatement application questionnaire.

The suspension had involved false notarizations and other misconduct.

The attorney was found to have engaged in unauthorized practice after his suspension. He also had conducted a real estate settlement while under the influence of alcohol.

In another alcohol-related incident, he was with his son at a place called Lums Pond. The son did not want to change out of his bathing suit in a public bathroom. They changed clothes in the parking lot. A couple and their child "observed [him] naked from the waist down." He was charged with indecent exposure and an alcohol violation. He pled guilty to the charges.

The traffic accident involved only his car. He went home and, when the police arrived, he greeting them with a glass of wine in hand. He was found to have frustrated the police investigation by drinking after the accident.

The court offers an interesting history of the "use no falsehood" oath of an attorney. (Mike Frisch)

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