Thursday, April 26, 2012

Suspension For Indecent Assault

An attorney who was admitted to practice in 1973 and had no prior discipline has been suspended for a year and a day by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The attorney pled nolo contendere to the offense of indecent assault. The victim was his 18 year old niece by marriage. They attended a baseball game together.

He drove his car off the road, turned off the lights, "removed his glasses and put his arms around the victim and would not let go. He put his hand under the victim's shirt, first in back, then to her stomach. He put his hands up under her bra and felt her breast."

He had been charged in a 1984 incident involving the inappropriate touching of his own 14 year old daughter. The charges were dropped. He voluntatily resigned from his office as a common pleas as a result.

Although he has been in counselling since the more recent incident, he did not produce evidence that he suffers from a psychiatric disorder.

The court followed the recommendation of the Disciplinary Board. Several board members dissented and would stay the suspension with counseling conditions. (Mike Frisch)

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